Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, oh my!

With new social media sites constantly arriving on the scene (from what it seems like daily) it's hard for a business-owner to keep up, especially when it's not your industry. Plus there's the lingo and the time it takes to create an image or, heck, even think of something interesting to say. So, what's the solution? Hire Kamunikate.

Social Media = FREE Advertising

Just as you hire someone to keep your books or deliver your goods, why wouldn't you hire a professional to advertise for you on a daily basis? With social media sites offering a platform for FREE advertising space and BILLIONS of users, social media sites are a great way to attract new client's and interact with your current ones on a daily basis.

Your Time Is Valuable

With all of the benefits of advertising on social media . . .Why don't you do it? Our guess, is that it could be the limited number of hours in a day and your growing to-do list. Hire Kamunikate as leverage and buy back your time.


Just like in a sport or business it is important to have a game plan or strategy in place to accomplish your goals. Social media is no different. When, Kamunikate, is hired to manage a business' social media we first take the time to understand our client's business and goals. Once this is accomplished a social media or advertising strategy is put into place. By creating a plan the result is not only a carefully thought out campaign and professional looking posts, but an increase in the number of followers and user engagement.